The Indonesian School of Informatics and Computers (STIKI) Malang held its 34th graduation in 2018 at the Aria Gajayana Hotel (15/12)

Gold Erbyand Anditya Harahap, was chosen to be one of the best graduates of the Bachelor program on the 34th Graduation of the 2018 academic year.

The man born in Malang on August 16, 1995 graduated with a Visual Communication Design study program with a GPA of 3.84 over a 4-year study period.

Erbyand took the thesis with the design title of the 3-dimensional virtual application Campus STIKI based on isometric projections

“I took this theme because I experienced when I was a new student I did not know the layout of the building and the room, also the students were having difficulties. I lifted this title. until I was rich in class, “he said.

The achievements that have been achieved are the 1st place in the trophy design and plaque PEN competition with 8 teams held by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and the second place character design competition held by the campus. Thanks to winning the Erbyand race, getting a free tuition fee for one semester.

“My experience while studying in STIKI many new friends learned a lot of things, DKV built a new family of fellow design children. if it’s grief if there is an exhibition until overtime, but everything pays off at the time of this graduation with the best GPA, “he explained further.

In the future, Erbyand works in a field that is not far from the design of visual communication and continues his studies to a higher level.

“Hopefully I can continue my dream dreams. Because the GPA is not one of the indicators for success so keep fighting “he ordered.