Indonesian Informatics and Computer College Holds Student Scientific Week activities with the theme Techno Creative. The event has been held since 2014 and is routinely held every year, this time in the sixth year running smoothly. (1/21)

The activities of this Student Scientific Week include the Programming Competition, Business Plan, Scientific Writing, and Poster Design. for students STIKI who want to take part in this event are exempt from registration fees while for students outside STIKI costs 35 thousand Rupiah.

Registration and collection of works on 29 October 2018 until 13 January 2019 finalist announcement on 17 January 2019 through their respective e-mails and technical meetings held on 19 January 2019 at STIKI Malang Building E.

The terms and conditions, namely students are active students proven by student identification cards and may participate in more than one competition and follow the rules of the existing guidelines. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners will get millions of rupiah in cash along with trophies and certificates.

For the poster design, the first winner was Gudala Grudak Gruduk’s son of lightning team namely Jumawal, Agung Tropika Citra, Muhamad Tegar Maha Putra, second The Toxic namely Abdu Ghafar Razaq, Ahmad Junaedi, Ahmad Fiandy Rahman Saputra, the third from the second team namely Muhammad Chamdani Sukron, Nanda Eka Ayu P, M.Ryas As’ari.

For scientific writing competition, the first place won by Matahari Team came from University of Muhammadiyah Malang namely Chano Paramita, Siti Mubasiroh, Muhammad Fitrah Ashary B, Next from The Offin team, Hezekiah Luke, Bimo Prakoso, Muhammad Irfan Zidni, Firda Rosa, for the second place came from the Ahyamete team, Yosias Suparno, Sihono, Budi Prayogi, the third winner came from The Lor namely Suhendra Ade Ramadhan and Iqbal Fauzi.

This activity was attended by approximately 87 participants from students STIKI , students UMM , students from Surabaya 6 High Regulations in East Java. Interestingly, the Student Scientific Week this time has increased, namely the East Java region, while the former was only in Malang.