STIKI, Malang – In early 2021 STIKI Malang held its 36th graduation ceremony on January 27, 2021. The graduation activity was held online, which is different from the previous graduation, because the Covid-19 pandemic situation has not ended. In accordance with its commitment to continue to innovate and prepare quality graduates, STIKI Malang has succeeded in realizing various proud targets and achievements.

Among them in 2020, STIKI students bought 3 categories of international championships in the 2020 International Talent Competition, for the category of poster competitions, essay competitions and videography competitions. In addition, several national and regional competitions were also won by STIKI Malang students. National level grants for students in the field of business ideas were also successfully obtained from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education through the 2020 Indonesian Student Business Competition (KBMI).

Nearly a total of 100 international collaborations have also been signed in 2020. On the institutional side, the STIKI Malang Informatics System Study Program also finally won B accreditation this year. Even now, the Visual Communication Design Study Program is preparing for a re-accreditation application. In terms of academic achievement, STIKI Malang this year occupies the 69th position nationally. SIMKATMAWA overtakes more than 3000 campuses throughout Indonesia.

It does not stop there, STIKI Malang has also received a grant to effectively implement an independent campus. This independent campus allows STIKI Malang students to get lessons from different lecturers, on different campuses with different subjects, of course with a different lecture atmosphere. Not only getting new knowledge, but this program also allows students to get to know the outside world and be able to develop personal competences.

These various achievements and achievements are important stages and have been achieved by STIKI Malang throughout 2020. In 2021, STIKI Malang continues to be committed to continuing to develop itself, improving the quality of all academicians and graduates to be able to adapt to various changes, wherever they are. , which is in line with STIKI Malang’s Vision for quality ICT universities in Indonesia and internationally recognized. (Public Relations / Irma)