The STIKI Student Competition or commonly heard with (SSC) was held again, the SSC in 2019 was held from October 29, 2018 to January 22, 2019 with the theme Techno Creative.

“The reason for taking the theme of Technopreneur is to combine creativity and technology to be developed and produce useful ones,” said Meuthia as the Chairperson of the event.

The competition was held namely Web Design, Vlog , Photo Story, and Comic Strip. oh yes You Need Friends Focus on knowing that this event is held for equivalent high school-vocational high school students in the East Java Region, and registration is free!

Registration and collection of works is carried out on 29 October 2018 until 13 January 2019, then the finalist announcement will be announced on the 17 th via email and 19 January 2019 technical meeting at STIKI Malang, and the finalist presentation and Determination of Winners on 22 January 2019.

The terms and conditions of the competition include SMA-SMK students in the East Java Region, each school may send more than one team, participants may participate in more than one type of competition and can be individual or first team, each team consists of 2-5 students, participants must meet existing regulations.

For the design web category, the first winner was won by the Newbie Rescruer team from SMK Telkom Malang with 1290 points, the second winner of the Nextin team came from SMK 1 Purwosari with 1290 points, the third winner was won by the White Space team with a total of 1240 from SMK 1 Purwosari.

Furthermore for the comic strip category, the first winner came from Malang Dwi Abdi Advent High School namely Bobbir Irawan Sugianto and the second winner was Muhammad Luqmansyah who came from SMA 1 Menganti. the last one is for the Vlog category the first winner is won by the Aye-Aye Brother team from SMA 1 Menganti with the names Yogi Maulana Prasetya, M. Oksavio Ziaulhaq and Elga Karalloh.

Of the approximately 51 participants from Malang, Mojokerto, Gresik and many more the best 10 finalists were selected from each race to win 1,2 and 3 winners with millions of rupiah in cash prizes, along with the trophy and also the certificate.