International Virtual Internship


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14 Mei 2020 Google Meets (Daring)
Jam 15.00
Hello eagles! 💪🏻 As student who might have no experience in dealing with the real working environment, internship is an opportunity to get the valuable experience. Currently, when the chance to go global is vastly provided, international internship provides you as student with international experience and a stepping-stone for having international career. You can immerse yourself in the real working environment related to your field of study, the cultures and life of the local people as well as making lifelong friends.

Unfortunately, there might be many obstacles for you to have an international internship experience. The global pandemic of COVID-19 is one of the examples when international mobility is restricted. Thus, international virtual internship is the solution to have the international working experience for solving the problems.
Virtual internship provides you with more flexible full-time, part-time or remote work for an international company. This internship adds compliments to yourself as allows you to gain the same benefits from working with an international company and access to career coaching and a professional development program from anywhere in the world while taking courses in your home country.

Interested to know more about this virtual internship?
Join our webinar “International Virtual Internship” on Thursday, May 7th 2020.